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Yes, I do plan to upload the rest of my stories soon one day.


No, Red Threads isn’t done yet.

No, Crimson Threads isn’t done yet.

No, Story 3 and Story 4 of Four Princes are not done yet.

Yes, I do plan to finish them soon one day before Scarlet Ribbon’s 20th anniversary.

No, Aite 2  isn’t done yet. Neither is Aite 3.

No, Fly to You 5 isn’t done yet

No, there is no Yue!Matchmaker 3. Or 4.

Yes, I do plan to finish A2, A3, and FTY5 soon one day just as soon as CLAMP stops breaking my heart for their own amusement.

No, The Schwarzchild Affair 2 isn’t done yet.

Sorry, I’ve actually forgotten what I planned to do with that story. Good thing TSA can stand alone, huh?

No, Seventeen Against The Dealer 5  (this is where we left off, right?) isn’t done yet.


::runs away::

See, this is why I never update.


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If you’re here because of help_japan, let me just say that, regardless of any decision you make here, you are awesome. Thank you for helping.

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